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Investment strategy

GAIA aims to be a diversified infrastructure investment company, and will directly invest in large-scale energy, transport and water related infrastructure projects in a responsible and transparent manner. In so doing, the Company will provide investors with good, predictable, inflation linked, liquid and long-term yielding investments whilst providing investors with liquidity to exit their investments. The Company will focus on making investments in various infrastructure projects through equity and debt instruments that meet the required returns.

GAIA will initially look to invest in renewable energy projects in South Africa through the REIPPPP and will later seek to expand its portfolio to include other sectors of infrastructure. Although the Company’s primary focus will be in South Africa, it may consider opportunities in the rest of Africa.

GAIA will adhere to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment and the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa.

GAIA and GAIA Financial Services will be advised by the Manager on all investment and potential investment decisions. Although the Board is responsible for the Company’s objectives, business and investment strategies and its overall supervision, the Company has outsourced the identification, assessment, structuring, resultant acquisition and potential disposal of Viable Assets, to the Manager in terms of the Management Agreement. The Manager has extensive expertise and knowledge of and experience in investments in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. The Manager will compile reports based on its analysis of the relevant factors and will present each proposed investment opportunity to the Company. Following the Board’s in principle decision to acquire a Viable Asset (and all subsequent investments), the Manager shall ensure that the necessary due diligence investigations are carried out and the Manager will be responsible for negotiating the terms of investments. The Directors will at all times retain the final sanction over all investment and divesture decisions.