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Management Company

GAIA Infrastructure Capital has a management agreement with GAIA Infrastructure Partners. Gaia Infrastructure Partners (the "Manager"), was formed and incorporated in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2012, by the Founders for the purpose of facilitating the investment of long-term capital in infrastructure projects in Southern Africa, with an initial focus on the renewable energy sector. The focus has subsequently been broadened to other infrastructure sectors. The Manager intends to introduce Gaia to the public, to facilitate exposure to investments in infrastructure in Southern Africa. The Board is responsible for Gaia’s objectives and its business and investment strategies as well as its overall supervision. Gaia has however outsourced the identification, assessment, structuring, resultant acquisition and potential disposal of Viable Assets, to the Manager in terms of the Management Agreement. The Manager has extensive expertise and knowledge of and experience in investments in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors.

Gaia Infrastructure Partners (the "Manager") will render management services to the Group for a period of not less than 5 years commencing on the Commencement Date, whereafter 12 months’ notice of termination of the agreement may be given. Any material amendment of the Management Agreement must be approved by ordinary resolution of shareholders of the Company.

  • The services to be rendered by the Manager in terms of the Management Agreement include:
  • originating, evaluating and investigating appropriate investment opportunities and exit strategies, and presenting these to the Company and/or Gaia Financial Services for approval
  • advising the Group regarding structuring, managing and monitoring of investments, reinvestments and divestments
  • supervising the negotiation, preparation and review of all documents required in connection with the acquisition and realisation of investments
  • monitoring the performance of investments
  • appointing professional consultants required by the Group from time to time;
  • reporting to the board of Gaia Financial Services in relation to the business of the Group and the status and performance of the investments; and
  • calculating and submitting recommendations to the board of Gaia Financial Services in respect of the subscription price payable by any person wishing to subscribe for shares in the Company.